Workshop reCYSP.0

From November 10th to December 1st 2011, Julien Bellanger, Cédric Doutriaux, Catherine Lenoble and Guillaume Brunet settled in the Alstom’s warehouse – in the district of the ile de Nantes- , for a workshop.

What was it all about ? Re-make CYSP 1, the first cybernetic sculpture in the history of art, in three weeks !

The first step of the workshop consisted in researching documentation on the original artwork, CYSP1, and his creator Nicolas Schöffer : plans, drawings, pictures, material, etc.

CYSP 1 on the  roof of la Cité Radieuse in Marseille, in 1956

From these documents, Cédric and Guillaume (re)imagined the skeleton of the sculpture. Then, the different steps of the technical fabrication started : 3D drawing of the pieces, recycling of components, cutting of the “arm” of the structure, installation of the engine travel, programming of the Arduino card, wiring, etc.

Plan of reCYSP.0

Creation of a controlleur of engine

Print of 3D pieces with the RepRap

Installation of a engine

During the whole workshop, a serie of activities was proposed each Thursday to open the work done to the general public. A mediation space allowed to consult information on the REMAKE project, and books on the history of digital art.

Besides, the digitally operated machines installed in the warehouse for the setting up of the sculpture allowed visitors to discover what is a FabLab.

Presentation of the 3D printer

On December 1st, about sixty people came to discover reCYSP.0 during a dance performed by Elise Lerat and Marc Tetedois of the collectif Allogène.

Performance du collectif Allogène

reCYSP.0 will be presented in the exhibition at the House of Arts in Brno, Czech republic, for the 6 to the 15 march 2012.