REMAKE Exhibition CLUJ

After the exhibition in Brno, Czech republic (The Brno House of Arts) and several venues in Bratislava (A4 – centre for contemporary culture, Polish institute Bratislava and HIT Gallery) we are glad to announce the final REMAKE stop in Cluj!

Logging the present: Richard Loskot (CZ)
Infotainment: Aleksandra Hirszfeld (PL)
Standuino: Václav Peloušek, Ondřej Merta (CZ)

22.-23.5.2012 Standuino workshop
24.5.2012 at 19.00 Exhibition opening
25.5-7.6.2012 Exhibition dates

AltArt Foundation
Fabrica de Pensule, Henri Barbusse 59-61, Cluj

Logging the present: Richard Loskot (CZ)

“We have always derived certain temporal divisions from a natural course of events. The alternation between day and night is the most natural and in a way absolute for us, but as we know, even this is not thoroughly regular. Empirically, we have found the most accurate part of time, the rhythm which lets us measure all happenings. The atomic clock time, for instance, is based on the caesium half-life. When we fast-forward a film with a plant in it , its motion might appear entirely alive and we should not interfere with its own time. Every tone of a melody also appears after a certain time. In everyday life, we usually do not ask but rather look at our watch: for us, the time is something to count and measure. The most common conception of time originates from Aristotle: Time is a measured movement with regard to ‘before’ and ‘after’.” (Richard Loskot)

Infotainment: Aleksandra Hirszfeld (PL)

“What in the past was considered an escape from the system, today loses its critical impact and is absorbed by the system itself. Critical thinking has been transformed into accepted and consumerist lifestyle and becomes just another commodity. Coming to terms with these new conditions of contemporary criticism is only possible through a new, closed and autonomous space that will serve as a platform for independent observations of reality. This principle worked in times of Guy Debord and can be also reinstated today.” (Aleksandra Hirzfeld)

Standuino (CZ)
Bastl workshop

for beginners and advanced
Date: 22.-23.5.2012

Standuino is a clone of the legendary programmable device Arduino that has a universal use in the technological and artistic projects.

The workshop will be held  in English.
Maximum number of participants is 15.

We will learn about:
– the basics of electronics such as soldering, basic terminology
– the world of open source hardware and its possibilities
– the trends in DIY culture and the basics of working with synthesizers

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REMAKE Exhibition in Cluj is organised by AltArt Foundation in cooperation with The Brno House of Arts, Atrakt Art and Multiplace.