Manuel Schmalstieg and Carole Thibaudon residency in Nantes

Manuel Schmalstieg, swiss artist and designer, proposed an art and research oriented project Kontinuum n+n. His intention is to produce a documentation on the collective entity of Netochka Nezvanova (NN) active on the web from 1999 to 2003 and famous for her controversal audio-visual software nato.0+55.

During his residency Manuel has collaborated with a videdo artist from Nantes Carole Thibaud author of a video film on NN produced during a previous residency in PiNG in 2008/09.

This residency offered the possibility to Manuel to set up a web platform for the project follow up, to develop the technical device and drawings for the Remake exhibition, to produce communication support and to pursue the research on NN.

Read Manuel Scmalstieg’s diary residency

This residency is the first part of a shared residency. Manuel Schmalstieg will be hosted by the House of Arts in Brno in 2011.