REMIX#1 : Manuel Schmalstieg lecture at the Fine Art Museum of Nantes

Manuel Schmalstieg, swiss artist and designer, proposed an art and research oriented project Kontinuum n+n. His intention is to produce a documentation on the collective entity of Netochka Nezvanova (NN) active on the web from 1999 to 2003 and famous for her controversal audio-visual software nato.0+55.

Manuel was invited by PiNG to present his artistic approach, the digital art scene in Switzerland and more specifically his last art work, Low Rez Stories installation, that highlights the notion of remix (flux of images, informations, narratives) and re-creation (remake of one sequence in Google Streetview from Tarkovsky’s movie Solaris).

thursday 7th october 2010 18h30  7 octobre 2010 à 18h30 at the Fine Art Museum of Nantes / free entrance

REMIX#1, trimestrial cycle of lectures & performances on new media  and history of art, initiated by PiNG in collaboration with the Fine Art Museum of Nantes