Lia Perjovschi in residency in Nantes

From 3rd till 16th october, the romanian artist Lia Perjovschi is in residency in PiNG, in Nantes where she will transform the residency space into an “info room” : space of investigation on media art history.

Lia Perjovschi is born in Sibiu in 1931. Today, she lives and works in Bucarest. Lia has been recognised as one of the leading performance artists in Romania, and is also known for her unusual objects. From the 1990s, she has been gradually focusing more on conceptual projects such as Timelines, Mind Maps, and Knowledge Museum, that follow historical and intellectual events and ideas, and on collections such as the Globe Collection, commenting on media and on consumerism.

During these two weeks, she will extend her research, proposing new chapters in her subjective art history connected to digital art, zooming on specific artworks, events, scientific and technological developpment etc. This extension will be based, among other documentation, on Monoskop website and will be carried out with the help of Catherine Lenoble from PiNG. A newspaper Subjective Media Art History Draft will be produced and printed as a result of the residency.

The “info room” will be open to the public on thursday 13rd october in the afternoon.  From 18.30, tour by Lia Perjovschi followed by a drink & romanian snack surprise.